Photographic services

Advertising Services:
we photograph your Hotel - B&B - Shop - Companies in detail to insert it, at your convenience, on your Website, Booking, Facebook page, etc.

Birthday parties for:
children / teenagers / adults or wherever you want, wherever you go, indoors and outdoors.

Historical commemorations:
any genre and any type such as fights, parades etc.

Country fairs or festivals.

Outdoor events:
of every type, Theater, Music of every type, etc ...

Historical gatherings:
motorcycles - classic cars - airplanes .... etc

Sport events:
of any kind, such as athletics, cycling, basketball, volleyball etc ..

Conventions of all types.

- Price list -

The "Unico" service provides unlimited time and photographs.

Photo Services - within 30 Km -              € 60/100
Photo Services - over 30 Km -                  € 80/120
DVD or USB stick of adequate capacity -       € Cost aside

We are operative throughout the province of Cuneo ... 7 days a week. CAUTION!! We do not make wedding services.