Here we are! We are Alessandro and Simone!

Who we are.

Our work and experience

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We are humble people with more than 30 years of experience.

We started with company owners, in various fields, learning all the techniques, the secrets and the experience to work better.

As unfortunately happens, losing the job, we thought and decided to  "PUT FORWARD"

To survive, to give a future to our children, to continue a dignified and simple life and have a job, we put at your service the knowledge gained, the ideas and everything we do in the various sectors we offer and even more.

We give a service of simple quality and maturity. We who believe in you, for all the trust you give us, like yesterday, today, tomorrow.

Nothing frightens us, if a problem is more complicated than usual, we feel the duty to try to solve it, in the best way, with a minimum expense, without spending unnecessary and unnecessary.

We are not wizards and not everything is possible to do or solve, but certainly we try without fear!

We like to fix, restore, assemble, repair, recover, modify and invent solutions of any kind.

Even in the very simple photographic services that we offer we put our passion. First they were made for a simple fun for friends of friends or acquaintances, but now we want to offer it to everyone !!

Give us an idea and see what will come out beautiful.

Nothing must be brought before surrendering. The experience is not lacking!

We employ highly experienced collaborators where we can not but together we achieve.

Through the "Image Gallery" you will see what can be achieved.

Call us !! And with great pleasure we come to you with pride !!

Knowing that we are useful for the present and in the future Your fills us with pride.

THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! To all of you for choosing us.